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feature film

dir: burak babayiğit

türkiye, color, 2014-2016, 96', comedy

istanbul / türkiye

B.O.K._Bi O Kalmıştı - Fragman _ Director's Cut-high-2.gif
B.O.K._Bi O Kalmıştı - Fragman _ Director's Cut-high.gif


Hayati is a job seeking man. He have poor life with wife. Her brother Bekir is rich in jewelery business. Because of his wife's father. While Hayati tries to reverse his fortune with games of chance, life changes unexpectedly.

Total audience: 6 million people. (internet views)

director's statement

As the director of "There!", I am excited to bring to the screen a story that delves into the complex and often difficult dynamics of family and financial struggles. Hayati's struggle to provide for his wife and improve their financial situation is a relatable and universal theme that I believe audiences will connect with.


The film explores the ways in which Hayati's actions, driven by a desire to provide for his family, ultimately lead to unexpected consequences and a shift in his relationships with those closest to him. The contrast between Hayati and his brother-in-law Bekir, who is successful in the jewelery business, adds an interesting layer to the story as it showcases the different paths one can take in life and the impact that can have on those around them.


Overall, "There!" is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged film that I believe will resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression.

However, despite all my wishes and expectations, due to some problems with the producer of the movie, it turned into a project with a tragic story in the background. 

director's cut teaser

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