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projects in development

some of the projects have only been imagined, some are about to be realized, and some will never be realized.

Lieber Laut Billboard

© Burak Babayiğit

Lieber Laut

An artistic installation project for public spaces.


© Burak Babayiğit

Out Of The Blue

An endless nighttime... A short film about a political dilemma.


© Burak Babayiğit

Once Upon A Time In The Subway

A short film about: It's time for change in the land of bans.


© Burak Babayiğit

Temple Of Democracy

A short film about Democracy.


© Burak Babayiğit


The story of a strange party. / Feature Film


© Burak Babayiğit

Oranges Don't Know Sin

A sinner's vocation story. / Feature Film

DALL·E 2022-09-06 16.49.18 - five women wearing burqa are around a dead man lying on the g

© Burak Babayiğit


A tragic story of three women. / Feature Film

Legal Notice: Cambio Film Works & Burak Babayiğit own the copyrights of all the details shared about the projects on this page. Unauthorized use of project images, ideas or titles is prohibited.

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