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short film, 2011

dir: burak babayiğit

türkiye, color, 2011, 3', experimental


“Machine”, we follow the story of a group of butterflies with a lifespan of just one day. By accident, they find themselves trapped inside a machine designed to kill mosquitoes. As the butterflies struggle to survive and escape, we see the devastating impact of this machine on the natural world and the delicate balance of ecosystems.


But "Machine" is more than just a cautionary tale about the harm we can do to the environment. It also serves as a commentary on the way that our society often prioritizes efficiency and productivity over all else, even at the expense of other living beings. As we watch the butterflies fight for survival, we are forced to confront the ways in which our own actions and choices have consequences for the world around us.


Through its stunning visuals and thought-provoking narrative, "Machine" invites us to consider the value of all life and the importance of taking a more mindful and responsible approach to technological advancement. 

director's statement

In my role as the director of "Machine," I'm thrilled to present a film that not only captivates through its visuals but also invites contemplation on the pressing theme of sustainability. Beyond its stunning aesthetic, "Machine" serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the modern societal drive for efficiency and productivity, often at the detriment of our environment and the delicate balance of ecosystems.


As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness the butterflies' desperate struggle for survival within a machine engineered to eliminate mosquitoes. This struggle becomes a stark allegory for the far-reaching impact of our actions on the natural world. "Machine" compels us to confront the ecological consequences of our choices, urging us to reassess the value of all life and the moral imperative of embracing a more conscientious approach to technological advancement.


Our film stands as a poignant cautionary tale, sounding the alarm about the environmental harm that accompanies unchecked progress. It challenges us to recognize the interdependence of all living beings and to acknowledge the intrinsic worth of every creature. "Machine" is an impassioned call for a sustainable and mindful path forward, one that factors in the preservation of our planet's fragile ecosystems.


Through its powerful storytelling and visually arresting imagery, "Machine" holds a mirror to our own choices and behaviors, prompting us to scrutinize the consequences of our actions on the world around us. Ultimately, this film beckons us to prioritize sustainability as a guiding principle in our relentless pursuit of progress, reminding us that the decisions we make today hold the key to a harmonious and enduring future for our planet.


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