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short film, 2011

dir: burak babayiğit

türkiye, color, 2011, 2'54'', experimental


the fly is constantly in conflict within itself and has to choose between black and white. These choices are important decisions that determine the direction of his life, and with each choice the fly opens a new path for himself. This journey is challenging and thought-provoking for the fly, but it is also an important factor in shaping his personality and worldview.

director's statement

As the director of "Black", I wanted to explore the theme of choice and its impact on an individual's life. The fly serves as a metaphor for the internal struggle we all face when making decisions, as we are constantly presented with options that can take us down different paths. The fly must navigate between black and white, representing the duality of good and evil, right and wrong, and the various shades of grey in between.


I wanted to convey the idea that every choice we make, no matter how small, shapes the direction of our lives and shapes who we are as individuals. The fly's journey is a poignant and thought-provoking one, as he grapples with the weight of his decisions and the consequences they bring.


Through the use of visually striking black and white imagery, I aimed to convey the stark contrast between the two paths the fly must choose from, and the internal conflict he faces as he tries to navigate this dichotomy. The film's minimalist style and use of sound design also help to heighten the sense of tension and uncertainty as the fly grapples with his choices.


Ultimately, I hope that this film will inspire viewers to reflect on the choices they make in their own lives, and the impact these choices have on their paths forward.


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