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He was born in Ankara and based in Berlin. He completed his primary and high school education there. His desires regarding cinema had just started to take from in high school years after producing his first short film in 2008. After working in various jobs in production companies in Ankara since his passion for cinema desired for more, he needed to go to Istanbul. Taking the special talent tests of Bahçeşehir University Photography and Video Undergraduate Program, he became entitled to study as a full scholarship student. He used the limitless opportunities of Istanbul in science, culture and art to the full extent. He met many people and took part in independent projects and social projects with many associations and communities and companies.


He attended many panels, seminars and training programs, professional and non-professional. After working in motion picture and commercial film sets in Istanbul, with companies such as Machine Production, Labu, C.F.W. etc. as a freelancer along with the leading production companies of Turkey, such as Böcek Yapim, PTOT film, Dinamo Istanbul, Muhteşem Film, as assistant, cinematographer and director, coming up through the ranks in many different fields, he was the director of his first full length film just when he was 19 years old (2014). And he shot the feature film "Bi' O Kalmıştı” (2014), which came out on June 17, 2016. [*] In addition to those, he gave lectures in various workshops on Short Film and Cinema in institutions such as Marmara Academy of Arts and Maliye Theater Association etc.


Besides, he worked as a art director in the design field in various agencies such as MVM Digital, Vapp Digital, Atom Istanbul.


From December 2018 to April 2019, he traveled to Balkan, European and South American countries in order to improve his perspective of cinema, to get to know the world and to strengthen his experience of communication by interacting with different cultures. During this trip, his perception of art and cinema changed.

For the time being, he is working as a freelance director in the cinema and advertising industry and holding meetings with people in his field in various film festivals of the world.


He is also a member of the Film & TV Union of Turkey, Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste e.V. (IGBK), Filmnetzwerk Berlin.

In addition, he have a digital design & content agency called CAMBIO and he have a production company called Cambio Film Works.


feature films

2016 - Bi' O Kalmıştı/ There! | 95', Turkey, Comedy 


2011 - Geriye Kalan / Remained | 30' , Türkiye - Ankara

short films

2016 - Are You Kilim Me? | Experimental, Türkiye - Germany

2013 - Black | Experimental, Türkiye

2010 - Machine | Experimental, Türkiye


29 January '21

He directed commercials for Dacia's New Sandero & Sandero Stepway. Here's BTS.

6 October '18

Are You Kilim Me? is shown at the Zorlu PSM Digilogue in October.

12 June '17

"Watching the world isn't enough, we have to live" Interview with BirGün in here.

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