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Laguna Volcan Mountain / Colorado River

March '19 - Samaipata, Bolivia

Burak Babayigit (1994, Ankara) I was born in Ankara on November 6th 1994. I took my highschool education at Anittepe High School and made my first short film “Beyaz ve Ben” in those years. My cinema love was needed to be fed so i had to go to Istanbul to make much more things about it. I won a scholarship with a special talent exam from Bahçesehir University. After a while, i thought the education of Photography and Video was not enough for me then i drop out of school. I studied Social Work at the Anadolu University . While i was working as Director and D.O.P. in many companies, i have shooted my first featured film, Bi’ O Kalmıştı in 2014 and it’s shown around Turkey in 17 June 2016. Also, for a while, I worked as an art director and creative director in various agencies. Between 2018 December and April 2019, I did a tour of Europe* and Latin America**, then I returned to Istanbul. And now I continue to produce high quality works for the cinema industry. In addition, i have a CAMBIO design agency and CAMBIO FilmWorks.


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One Night, Suddenly

2021, Physiological Thriller, independent movie

Are You Kilim Me?

2016, Short Film

Film is about exploring the diversity of people covered in Turkish kilims and changing landscapes.  It portrays an experimental way to integrate traditional motives with modern techniques. The frames switch between high quality sequences and VHS cam.  By interacting with the human body the fabric changes its actual function and gets a new form.

Bi' O Kalmıştı

2014-2016, Feature film, Turkey, Color, 95'



Total audience: 6 million people.

Hayati is a job seeking man. He have poor life with wife. Her brother Bekir is rich in jewelery business. Because of his wife's father. While Hayati tries to reverse his fortune with games of chance, life changes unexpectedly.


2012, Experimental Short Film

Turkey, Black/White, 2013, 2' 54'', Experimental


2010, Experimental Short Film

Turkey, Color, 2010, 3', Experimental


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